Why I have elevated lactate levels

I’ve had elevated lactated acid levels in my body and in my joints for some time now.

The cause of the elevated lactates is a chronic imbalance in my metabolism.

I’m not sure why, but it is affecting my immune system, my ability to process food and my overall health.

The lactate is causing me pain, fatigue and, yes, elevated lactation.

So why do I have an elevated lactacycle?

I don’t know.

But the answer is complicated.

I’ve never had elevated levels before.

In fact, I’ve always been able to tolerate elevated lactating.

But that’s not how I function.

I can’t do it all day.

I don.

I have to be flexible and have room to breathe.

I just don’t.

My lactate threshold is low enough to let me be at rest when I need to be working.

I need a lot of space to breathe and to digest.

I also need a good amount of energy.

I am so focused on my health and on being strong that I have not been able, or unwilling, to put my mind to a lot more things besides being strong.

The key is, as my body needs more and more, my metabolism needs more, too.

It has a finite supply of glucose to work with.

If I can tolerate elevated levels of lactate in my blood, it should not take me too long to see a big improvement.

I do need to change the way I digest food and the way my body processes it.

When I go to the bathroom, I don to be too tired.

I go through the motions, I try to be as efficient as I can.

I take a good chunk of my food and make sure it is fully absorbed.

I drink lots of water.

When the water runs out, I add more.

I exercise more.

When my body is working overtime, I’ll work on a task until it’s done.

But when I have a little slack in my muscles, my body just goes through the normal motions and doesn’t do a lot.

That’s not the case with my lactate.

The problem is that I’m a slow worker and don’t have a lot to focus on.

I tend to take my time and try to put in the maximum amount of effort.

When that doesn’t happen, I end up feeling sluggish and weak.

When it’s too late, I may end up getting more fatigue or pain.

I’d rather not be doing this than take a day off.

I feel like my muscles are not working properly and my blood sugar is too low.

It’s hard to get back to my normal self if I am constantly working too hard. But I don´t want to take any risks.

I want to make sure I get my blood sugars and body ready for the rest of the day.

My body is doing the hard work and I am not going to let myself take any more chances.

That´s why I have been on a low-carb diet for more than a year now.

I wanted to learn the best way to manage my lactates and to avoid them during a low carb diet.

My goal is to avoid elevating lactate too much and not be a “low carb zombie” all the time.

My main goal is for me to be able to take a break every now and then.

My biggest challenge is staying consistent and working hard, but I’m confident that this low carb approach will give me that flexibility.

I think I will be able do this.

It´s important to note that a low glycemic index diet is the best diet for me.

It keeps my blood glucose in the normal range, and it keeps my body functioning properly.

I know that my blood pressure is low and my heart rate is normal.

This diet has made a huge difference in my life and health.

I look forward to trying it again and doing it more frequently.

I plan to try it with the following modifications: When I am at rest, I will not be eating fast food.

I will try to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food.

If my blood-sugar drops too low, I won´t eat anything.

If it is too high, I want the food to be easy to digest, so I will eat less junk.

When eating, I take in the food that I want and make an effort to eat it slowly.

I avoid fast food and drink water.

I eat small meals that are full of fiber and have lots of fruits and veggies.

When at rest I try not to stress about how I look or what I wear.

I try my best to be in control of my emotions and focus on my breathing and my joints.

If a high blood sugar level is in place, I make sure to drink water before going to bed and to eat a low carbohydrate diet.

I would like to be eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which are all good for my health