What’s in the new flooring for the new elevator?

Dublin has been looking for new floors since last year.

But it looks like there may be another upgrade coming.

The Dublin City Council has announced that a new floor for the Dublin Metro is on the cards.

The project will cost around €50 million and is being spearheaded by the company RTS Dublin.

The council has said that the new floors will be designed for high speed travel and have been developed with a high degree of efficiency.

It’s hoped that the floor will also help the city cope with its recent spike in homelessness.

A spokesperson for the city council told The Irish Sun that the project will bring a new level of convenience to the city centre.

“We believe this will provide a significant boost to the quality of life in the City and the capital’s neighbourhoods,” the spokesperson said.

“This is an investment in the city’s future that is the best of both worlds.”

The project will deliver a new experience to residents of Dublin and visitors to the City, including new spaces that are designed for public transport and will provide residents with a more secure and convenient location to use public transport.

“The project is designed to deliver a more efficient use of public transport, while delivering a better quality of city centre living for residents and visitors.” 

The city council says that it is looking at other ways of ensuring that the metro can be improved.

“Other potential solutions for improved public transport include: more public transit connections, improved pedestrian pathways and better connections to residential elevator floors,” it said. 

The Metro’s new floor will be installed by the end of the year, but the council hopes that the next one will be ready by the middle of 2018.

It will cost €45 million to upgrade and is expected to be completed in 2020.