How to find your next pet park

A new pet park in Melbourne, Australia is raising money and attention for its owners.

It’s called Pet Paradise, and it’s one of the few pet parks in the country that has the ability to raise funds for pet adoption.

The park was set up in 2015 by a group of passionate pet lovers who were inspired by the animals at a local animal shelter.

They decided to launch their own pet park as a way to raise awareness for pet rescue and rescue groups. 

In addition to raising money for animal rescue and shelter, Pet Paradise also aims to provide opportunities for pet owners to interact with their pets.

They are accepting donations from local residents for their rescue and adoption programs, as well as paying for veterinary bills.

They even provide a free kennel to pet owners, and have created a website that provides information about their pet rescue programs.

“We have a wonderful staff of volunteer foster parents, and we’re also providing a kenneling, which is a great thing because it allows our foster parents to be able to spend time with their pet, but also helps keep them healthy,” Pet Paradise co-founder and CEO, Lachlan Hughes told Engadgets. 

Hughes and the rest of the Pet Paradise team have created an impressive website with detailed information about the rescue and adoptions they do, including details on how they’ve been able to get donations.

“It’s been really amazing,” Hughes told the site.

Hughes explained how the park will be different to other pet parks, and how it will make a difference for the animal rescue community.””

We’re going to continue to do it because we believe that the best thing that can happen for a dog or cat is that it gets adopted.”

Hughes explained how the park will be different to other pet parks, and how it will make a difference for the animal rescue community.

“The main focus is to give people a chance to be involved and really give back, which I think is really important, because a lot more people don’t have a voice in animal rescue, so we’re not going to be making money off of these animals,” Hughes said.

“I think that’s a really big thing that we’ve really missed out on, is that a lot people don and think that a pet is something they should keep for their family, and not a commodity for people to hoard.”

So what we’ve tried to do is create a place where people can be able really be involved, and I think we’re doing a really good job.

“Hughens said that Pet Paradise is working hard to get the word out to people in Melbourne about their cause, and said the park is a real success story.”

This is the first time I’ve heard of a pet park with such an incredible level of support and support from the local community,” Hughes explained.”

Pet Paradise is really, really special because it’s a grassroots effort.

The whole idea is to really give the community a chance and give them a chance, and that’s what Pet Paradise does, it gives people a say in how things are run.

“Pet Paradise’s Facebook page has already racked up more than 5,500 likes, and Hughes said the group is going to work on reaching out to other animal rescue groups as well.”

At the moment, we have about 500 foster parents and a lot other rescue organisations who have donated money,” Hughes continued.”

Hopefully we’ll get them involved with Pet Paradise in the future.