This new trail will make Asheville’s Crested Butte an urban legend

Asheville’s new trail system promises to make Asheville a city of mountain bikers.

As it turns out, this new trail, called Crested Yette, will also make Asheville the national capital of mountain biking.

That’s right: The Crested Inlet Trail will cut through the heart of Asheville, turning it into a city for mountain bikes, according to Asheville officials.

As the city council voted unanimously on Wednesday to approve the trail, it was a big win for mountain biking, which has struggled to get a foothold in the city.

The new trail was built by the Asheville Regional Chamber of Commerce and includes a trailhead at the corner of the Asheville River and the Inlet River.

This new section will provide more than two miles of hiking trails and trails with elevation gain ranging from 6,000 feet to over 12,000.

This is a big change from the Crested River Trail that was created in 2010, which was primarily a residential trail that was built along a scenic path.

The CrestED Trail will be a short hike that takes riders through a forested area before reaching the summit of the mountain, according the city’s announcement.

It will connect the trails to the Inlets River Trail, which is a more residential trail.

The trailhead will also feature restrooms, picnic tables, and restrooms that will be free for anyone.

The City of Asheville has been in the process of developing the CrestED trail since its inception, and it will be open to public use beginning in 2019.

Asheville has long had a reputation as a bike-friendly city, but the city has struggled with bike infrastructure, and the Cresteds Inlet trail will be the first step in changing that.

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