Soul sand elevator to be built in downtown Memphis

SOUTH CAROLINA The Soul Sand Elevator is to be constructed in downtown Charlotte.

The $400 million project is to include a pedestrian bridge over Interstate 285, according to a release.

The project is being led by a joint venture between South Carolina-based architecture firm M.L.S. and private equity firm Pritzker, which also has offices in Charlotte.

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2020 and will last for 10 years.

The project will connect downtown with North Carolina’s second largest city, Raleigh, and will include parking, pedestrian access, bike paths and a bus terminal.

In its statement, Pritzkers said the project would bring to Charlotte “an architectural gem and the first of its kind in the United States” and that the team was “honored to be working with the Charlotte-based M. L. S. and Charlotte-born Pritzken.”

The announcement came just two days after a massive $1.5 billion renovation of the Charlotte Convention Center that includes a $3 billion expansion of the arena.

What’s the most remote place on earth?

With its vast expanses of barren land and mountains, the world’s smallest country has become a popular choice for tourists and expatriates.

Here’s our list of the 10 places with the lowest average altitude. 


Kangar, Western Australia, Australia’s largest state 2. 

Rutland, Denmark 3. 

Hansala, Sweden, one of the worlds smallest states 4. 

Watson Lake, British Columbia, Canada’s smallest province 5. 

Astrid, Sweden 6. 

Mesa, Arizona, the sixth largest state after New Mexico, Colorado and Utah. 


Vernonia, Denmark, the second smallest state after the Netherlands, the Netherlands and Norway 8. 

Tahiti, Tahiti 9. 

Caldecott Bay, England 10. 

Alba, Chile