How to raise your self-esteem by exercising and eating healthy

The following is a list of things that will help you increase your self esteem: • Exercise : Do it, exercise, do it.

• Eat : Eat more, eat less, eat healthy.

• Sleep : Get enough sleep, sleep well, sleep easy, sleep sound, sleep safe.

• Exercise , eat and sleep : Eat healthy, exercise and exercise more.• Talk to people and make friends : Have fun, be creative, be social, talk to people.

• Listen to music : Listen to your favorite music, make friends and make connections.• Make friends : Get friends, socialize and have fun.• Take pictures : Take pictures of yourself, make people smile, enjoy yourself.• Read : Read, read, read.• Play music : Play music, play a game, take a picture, or enjoy yourself in a different way.• Spend money : Spend money, shop, buy something, rent something, buy food, rent a car, buy a room, rent an apartment, buy clothes, buy shoes, buy groceries, buy furniture, buy gifts, buy electronics, buy things.• Learn a new language : Learn a language, learn something new, learn about a new culture, learn a new thing, learn more, speak, speak in a foreign language, speak something new.• Write a story : Write a book, a book club, write a short story, write an essay, write some poetry, write something.• Teach a new skill : Teach a skill, learn how to do something, learn to use something, teach someone.• Share a new thought : Share a thought, share an idea, share a picture.• Get help : Get help, get help, call a doctor, call someone, get a doctor’s note, get assistance.• Have fun : Enjoy yourself, do something new and do it again, do some fun things, do more fun things.

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