What’s on this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking: Season 2 finale is the second part of the first two episodes.

In the season premiere, the group discovers that their plan to kill Clementine failed because of a virus outbreak, which has led to an explosion at their apartment.

It’s the finale of the season and it’s a big one.

The cast and crew of The CW’s The Walking Nightly News, who are joined by Walking showrunner Robert Kirkman and The Walking dead showrunner Norman Reedus, talked about the finale, how they’re hoping for the finale to be a good one and how they hope fans will enjoy the season.

In the premiere, we learn that the outbreak had a massive impact on the group and their relationship.

What’s that like to go from one group member to the next?

Robert Kirkman: It’s a really good, emotional and complicated finale, it’s one of the strongest, emotional endings that we’ve ever done on the show.

We have this great, big, intense, emotional finale that we’re really excited about.

You know, we’re thrilled to be doing it, but we also have to deal with the fact that people have a lot of questions about what happens next.

We’re happy to answer all of those questions, but when you do it for a finale, you kind of go, wow, what is that going to be like?

We’re not talking about the characters or the stakes, but what is it like?

It’s really a different kind of finale, where we have this sense of closure, and the stakes of it are kind of low, and we kind of have a great story.

We’ve seen it with [the season finale] “Pilot” when the survivors are on the verge of death and it kind of makes it seem like the show is not finished yet.

It seems like that could happen with a second episode, and it also kind of gives us some closure for our characters.

Norman Reedus: We really, really wanted it to be the second-to-last episode of the series.

It just felt like the right way to finish it.

It was the right amount of time for everybody to get to see the final result, and so, that’s how we ended up with it.

So, I think that’s what you get with the first season, the last episode, it feels like we’re doing it for the fans, and I think the audience gets that.

We just wanted to do it.

The ending really gives them a sense of completion.

Robert Kirkham: It was really tough to come up with a way to kill a zombie that wasn’t an explosion.

So that’s a huge part of it.

That was one of those things where I think they got a little carried away with the whole thing.

They had a lot more than they needed to in the end, but they just wanted that final moment, that perfect moment, for the group to go, “Okay, now we know why they’re all dying.”

It just came down to what was the best way to do that.

It also helps us make some decisions about how much the show should go in certain directions.

We know there’s going to have to be more.

It can’t be a two-hour-plus finale.

It needs to be longer.

We knew that the show was going to last five episodes, so we knew that it needed to have a little bit more time for the characters to get their answers.

The question is, can it be as big as we need it to end, and that’s something that we really want to answer.

Robert: There’s a lot to say about how we’re going to do a finale.

We’ll definitely be answering questions.

But at the end of the day, there’s a whole lot of good questions and a lot for us to answer as well.

It’ll be an emotional finale.

Norman: I think there are going to a lot that are really, truly personal and emotional for the audience.

It will be an incredible finale.

There’s just something about a zombie apocalypse that, well, it just is.

It brings up all kinds of emotions.

It really, it brings people together, it gives people a sense that the world’s a better place because of them.

It gives you hope.

Robert and Norman had a very good time filming it, especially with the special effects.

I loved that the zombies were kind of floating, and when they were floating, it was really cool.

They’re really flying, so they’re kind of in the air.

I love that.

Robert: I love the special effect work.

It looks great.

It is.

Norman, the actors and the makeup are just so good.

We were all pretty surprised that we had all the same makeup on this episode, which was a relief.

The only thing that we weren’t so happy about was that they had some of the