Which elevator girl are you?

Engadgets has partnered with Laptopmag to give you a little peek at the top 25 most popular elevator girls in the US, and here’s what you can learn from their recommendations.1.

Elevator girl, Jessica GeeGee, 22: The “cute” elevator girl who takes orders from her colleagues.

Jessica’s best friend says she’s “really into her work” and is always happy to help.

“She’s really into being the first person to answer your questions, which I think makes her so comfortable in her work,” said one coworker.

“I think she’s really, really good at being an elevator girl, and you’re always glad to be there with her.”2.

Elevators gal, Lisa, 28: The popular “girly girl” who will tell you what’s going on at your workplace.

She also can’t wait to get into your elevator.

“It’s really weird,” said Lisa’s coworker who says she “loves” to help the elevator girls out.

“They’re so good, but she’s the one that always looks after the younger ones and they’re always super nice to her.”3.

Elevate girl, Molly, 27: Molly is the “tongue-in-cheek” elevator lady who “has a lot of personality” and loves helping out.

Molly has a “sweet spot” in her elevator but it can be difficult to find her because of her “creepy personality.”4.

Elevates gal, Nicole, 28 (from left): Nicole’s “glamour” elevator gal is always willing to help and her co-workers “love her guts.”

“She’ll never stop pushing for people to be successful in their careers,” said another coworker of Nicole.

“If she sees something wrong, she’ll always be the first to go to the HR person and be like, ‘What’s going wrong?’ and they’ll always say, ‘Oh, it’s her voice.'”5.

Elevation girl, Stephanie, 30: Stephanie is the only elevator girl with a real job.

She “always wants to help people” and will never leave her co to find someone else to help her.

“Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re at a loss when she’s there, but I just tell her, ‘Steph, we’ll find a way to do this for you.'”6.

Elevated girls, Samantha, 28, 31: Samantha is the most recent addition to the list and she’s just as popular.

Samantha’s “lifestyle” is “kind of girly,” but “she’s a really fun one to hang out with and be around,” said her coworker from last year.

“And she’s also really good with the kids.”7.

Elevating gal, Jen, 29: Jen is the one who gets “a little extra” when her boss is around.

Jen’s “good girl” personality and “giggle factor” are what make her “the best” elevator guy.

“Jen is always there for people,” said a coworker last year, adding, “She always comes to the meeting to help out.”8.

Elevaters gal, Jennifer, 31, 34: Jennifer is the co-worker of one of the “gorgeous” elevator girls.

She’s also the co: “grippy, smart, and kind” and “always happy to lend a hand.”

“Jen has a very good sense of humor,” said coworker Rachel.

“Her sense of style is a little different than other elevator girls.”9.

Elevations gal, Brittany, 30, 35: Brittany is “a good-natured, outgoing, fun-loving, and easygoing gal” who “gets along with everyone.”

Brittany also “likes to make people laugh.”

Brittany is known for her “fiery personality.”10.

Elevers gal, Amber, 29, 31 (from right): Amber is the latest addition to our list and Amber “lives for the people she loves.”

“When she’s with people, she’s always happy, and she really enjoys the people that she’s around,” she said.

“People love her for that.”11.

Elevater gal, Jessica, 31 : Jessica is the best elevator girl.

“Jessica is the kind of person who always makes you smile,” said co-work partner Kristin.

Elevatory girl, Kristy, 28-30: Kristy is “the perfect fit” for her workplace and she “can be very serious or playful,” said Kristy. “

Jess is the type of person that people love, and if you’re a coworking space, you’re really lucky to have her.”12.

Elevatory girl, Kristy, 28-30: Kristy is “the perfect fit” for her workplace and she “can be very serious or playful,” said Kristy.

Kristy “is always trying to be the best at her job, but when it comes to making you feel comfortable, she really can be there for you,” said an employee.

“When you’re with