‘This Is Us’ returns to the airwaves in April, April 11, 2018

Fox Sports will premiere a new drama series titled This Is Us, starring Ellie Kemper, next month, April 10.

The series follows the life of the young woman who found herself in a world where she was the center of the world, the one person who had all the answers.

The show, which will also star Jaden Smith, will be a limited series, with an initial series order expected in the spring. 

The series will mark the first time the popular animated comedy series has been produced on television.

It is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and the Warner Bros. Television Group. 

‘This Is We’ will be produced by A.G. Murnaghan, a longtime friend and collaborator of Kemper’s, and written by John Gatins and Tom Lennon. 

“We are thrilled to welcome Ellie Kemp’s The New York Times bestselling book ‘This is Us’ to Fox,” said Jim Bell, President of Television, Warner Bros., Television Group and Fox Networks Group.

“This series will be the perfect complement to Ellie’s remarkable, insightful memoir, which has been an important part of her growth as a writer, and we are excited to be bringing her incredible story to the big screen.” 

“Ellie has done a magnificent job at bringing the story of her life to life,” said Alan Burnett, President and Chief Content Officer of Fox.

“She’s an extraordinary talent, and this series will bring the story to life with her unforgettable characters and hilarious performances.

She is an absolute talent and one of the greatest TV creators in the world.” 

The drama series will explore the life and times of 19-year-old Ellie, who became the center, the most popular, and most influential person on a campus that included her father, a brilliant, popular professor, and a former boss, as well as her two older brothers, two sisters, aunts, uncles, a cousin and her two best friends. 

Echoing the lives of her peers, her best friend and her former boss who became her greatest enemies, the series will follow Ellie through a rollercoaster of highs and lows as she confronts the pressures of being the center in an ever-changing world. 

In addition to her writing, Kemper will executive produce alongside her father.

Kemper is also the co-executive producer on the series, along with John Gatin and Lennon.

Kemp is also a writer and executive producer of the animated series, which was created by Joel Schumacher and Tim Burton. 

Kemper’s new book is the first in a three-book trilogy, The New Yorker said.

The first book, published in 2018, explored the rise and fall of Kemp, who was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The second book, which came out in 2017, chronicled her struggles as a journalist, writing about the life, death, and resurrection of a friend. 

She has since published The New Republic, which is a best-selling, New York City bestseller, and was nominated for a Golden Globe for her documentary documentary, The First Year. 

This Is U is Kemper and Lennon’s first collaboration.

The two collaborated on the film The New Years Resolution, which tells the story behind the birth of their daughter, Ellie, in 2014. 

According to a press release, the project will be an episodic, hour-long drama that will take place over three seasons.

The episodes will follow the two young women as they navigate the transition from their academic careers, to their new lives, to the lives they lead with their new daughter. 

Also starring in the series are Amy Sedaris, who plays Ellie’s mother, Lisa; Kevin James, who portrays her boyfriend, Andy; John Carroll Lynch, who portrayed her father; and John Lithgow, who played her boyfriend’s father. 

Titled The New Year’s Resolution, the film was a collaboration between Kemp and Lennon and was released in 2018.

It chronicles the relationship between the two women as their daughter and her boyfriend move to New York, meet with their parents and their new parents, as the couple prepares for the beginning of their first year together. 

A source told The Hollywood Reporter, “We are excited about the project.

We are thrilled with Ellie’s book and her life as an American.

We have seen what the world is like today, and her story is inspiring.” 

Kemp has written or co-written six books.

Her latest book, The Second-Class Citizen: How The Class Divide Us, was released this month.