How to make a killer playlist in just a few weeks

How to do a killer songlist for your playlist?

The list of the best songs to play during your next date, wedding, or party, is out there, but is it really a good idea?

And what’s the point of it if you don’t know what to play?

To find out, we asked the experts to share the best playlist ideas, strategies, and best-of-breed tracks.

First things first: there are so many great songs out there.

There are endless variations, like the “Sugar Beach” version of Beyoncé’s “Work.”

And then there are the songs that just feel right for every occasion.

But what is the best songlist?

Are there specific themes or styles that you like best?

We asked our experts to answer that question.

Read on for their top picks for best songs.

What’s the best music playlist?

A great playlist doesn’t have to be a formula or even a particular genre.

A playlist can be an eclectic mix of genres that have something for everyone, like house, disco, pop, country, rap, and hip-hop.

A great songlist can also be an amalgamation of genres, like classic rock, country/pop, dance, country and country-influenced pop, or rock.

A good songlist should also have a few songs that you don’ actually like, but that you’re willing to play if you think you’ll like them more later.

“The best playlist for me is one that’s a little more personal,” says Sarah Stiles, founder and CEO of SoundCloud.

“I think I’d listen to it a lot more if I had a friend that was into it.”

This is especially true for new music fans who may be more introverted or less outgoing, but love to listen to new music, and also for people who don’t have friends who like hip-hops, country rock, pop rock, or country music.

“If I’m in a party and I have to listen for a while, I’ll just sit there and listen for five minutes and then I’ll go and listen a few more times,” says Emily Gopnik, founder of the Spotify-owned Vibes music podcast.

She’s also in love with indie rock and progressive rock, which are all popular on Spotify.

“Pop music and hip hop are really my jam,” she says.

“There’s something so beautiful and uplifting about being able to listen and hear what people are singing.”

For a songlist that’s also a great place to start, she suggests you pick something with a little country flavor and something to do with your favorite holiday traditions.

“We have so many holiday songs that are so popular on music platforms and they’re so versatile and they all have their own little little moments that they bring,” says Gopnick.

“It’s nice to have something that’s different that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of the same things that are going on in the same places, or they don’t all have the same people in the exact same places.”

When it comes to choosing a playlist, Gopnyks faves the ones that she describes as “a little bit of everything,” which include indie, country music, rap and country.

“A lot of our playlist comes down to genre,” she explains.

“Some of the artists that I like are artists that do pop, pop-rock, country-rock or country-pop, but they’re also kind of more hip-hoppy.”

It’s also important to note that while the best- of-breeds tracks are typically made with a specific genre in mind, you can still find some really good songs on any playlist.

“You could play a song like ‘Powderfinger,’ or a song that sounds like a country song, and then have a bunch of pop and country songs,” says Stiles.

“Or you could have something like, ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids,’ and then maybe you have some country and pop.”

And while the genre of the playlist can make or break a song, Stiles says it’s worth it to find the song that feels right for you.

“Once you’ve found the song you like, you’ll find that your taste will come through,” she adds.

What are the best tracks for you?

Here are our picks for the best musical moments in your next party, wedding or party.